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While this book discusses a specific Reserve Unit during WWII, the general argument Browning makes is that most people succumb to the pressures of a group setting and commit actions they would never do of their own volition. Christopher R. Browning’s account illustrates the every-day banality of evil and how all of us are fully cabable of both doing it AND justifying it in our minds and making it socially acceptable and even mandatory. This book explains step by step how a unit of average middle-aged Germans became the cold-blooded murderers of tens of thousands of Jews—now with a new afterword and additional photographs.

Ordinary Men is a powerful, chilling, and important work with themes and arguments that continue to resonate today.


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One of my favorite authors, John Muir, made a stunning announcement about living forever. He created a metaphor using a bear. He said, “Bears are made of the same dust as we, and breathe the same winds and drink the same waters. A bear’s days are warmed by the same sun, his dwellings are over-domed by the same blue sky, and his life turns and ebbs with the heart-pulsings like ours, and was poured from the same First Fountain. And weather he at last goes to our stingy heaven or not, he has terrestrial immorality. His life not long, not short, knows no beginning, no ending. To him life unstinted, unplanned, is above the accidents of time, and his years, markless and boundless, equal Eternity.”

Isn’t that really profound? Did it grab you? I realized by reading John Muir, that bears don’t know when they face death. They lack any understanding of morality. Thus, they live their lives eternally happy with each day, with each season, and with each moment of their lives.

If you appreciate that concept, it means you, too, may choose living at your highest and best for the eternity of your life on this planet.

More Deep Thoughts from Rusty:


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CDC Quietly Recalls all Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccines in US.

Why did the FDA approve a vaccine that they knew to be dangerous? Will they recall other vaccines with increasing death tolls? We deserve clear answers.


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I’ll chime in. I have a cousin back in California who hospitalized with Covid. He was given the remdesivir protocol and ventilated. He passed away 10 days later at the age of 47 and left behind his wife, four and a grandchild. I usually don’t share this with anyone, but I feel compelled to share this with you all. I’m still infuriated that the medical establishment along with the government would commit Iatrogenocide on it’s own people

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A hospital murdered my brother with the vent and remdesivir. So I waited 5 days before I went to the doctor when I broke 3 bones, out of fear of them force jabbing me. 5 days of hell. But too afraid to go in. Refused a blood transfusion unless I could get unvaxxed blood. That's pretty indicative of my lack of trust.

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Secret audio recording reveals how hospitals were turned into covid killing fields

Today we bring you shocking, horrifying details and a secret audio recording that reveals how hospitals were turned into "covid killing fields" where patients were literally exterminated for profit.

This information comes to us via attorney Thomas Renz, who shares the audio recording in today's bombshell interview, part of Brighteon Broadcast News.

See the full interview and BBN episode at


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Some important insights on the current "banality of evil":

They are just going to keep obfuscating and protecting their friends and their visions of what they have traded their lives doing.

“Code Switching the Villains”.

And telling you to STFU and hug it out.

Oh wait.

Hands off Bill Gates.

Steve knows him too.

Never can get to the one.

Just go get murdered in the hospital.

It was probably just Anthony Fauci at the end of the day.

Bad Fauci.


Gates is smart and totally didn’t do sterilization tests on Kenyan women.

Uh oh…Bobby.


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I’ve a new take on lung physiology that discards the oxygen and carbon dioxide gaseous exchange.

Lungs are particularly sensitive to salt, moisture and pressure.

All variables a ventilator can exploit to promote dehydration, then infection and demise.

Lungs are responsible for rehydrating the RBCs as they pass through the alveoli capillary beds. Nothing to do with oxygen at all.

Research oxygen toxicity, read the article and you will see oxygen toxicity is directly related to its dryness.

Read the Substack article

We breathe air not oxygen


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the patsy. Signed, Made Up Donald Trump in my mind, 2.5 years later.)

So keep this in mind when you continue to hear about Pfizer Bad.

Did they really go rogue and do Build Back Better and lockdowns and social distancing?

Pfizer? Did they do all that?

Pfizer logo splashed prominently.

But I’m burying the lede under snark.

Never mind the other elephant in the room: I guess the big takeaway from the Project Veritas fake bombshell is that Pfizer just keeps going strong!

We did it!

That hokey Pfizer bombshell disappeared as quickly as it was bombshelled.

Petered right out. (This was not a reference to Peter McCullough. My God, my mind is scattering like George Vanden Bossche Webb right about now. That was a comeback. Also, I’m annoying myself.)

Wonder why?


“Federal health agencies have been captured by Big Pharma and grossly derelict in their duties throughout the pandemic.”

Senator, are you daring me to pull up the Trump videos with the FDA pressure boasting?


Jan. 2023: Donald Trump Continues to Extol the Beautiful Herd Culling Vaccines



JAN 20

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I’m sorry, Ron.

This hurt me more than it hurt you.

Now let’s all learn a valuable lesson and not do this Pfizer Bad, FDA Bad stuff and insult everybody’s intelligence.

Still standing with Ukraine, by the way?

The Remdesivir Murder Mystery

Wanna connect some dots now?

We need, you all and me…to track back Fauci and NIAID and Remdesivir to how Fauci knew to study it…for ::wink-wink:: Emergency Use Authorization.

It was a failed countermeasure. Twice failed, IIRC.

Audio file picks up here:

NURSE: “Keisha said, are we hospice care — or what’s the deal? She said that Dr. Steagall says this floor is going to be his patients. So we’re — we’re killing the patients [on] this floor. Because what he’s asking us — well, other floors don’t want to do it.”

PHARMACIST: “Yeah, I couldn’t sleep at night. And then when that nurse practitioner — when you got that assignment to do the morphine, and you’re like, she doesn’t need it. And I was just like, this is

Attorney Renz unfolded more details to listeners. “My client [Adrienne] asked for a religious accommodation that would basically exempt her from having to deal with blanket orders to murder people. That’s my words, not hers. The hospital ignored her but then said no.”

“Let’s think about that,” he proposed. “Now, we’ve been hearing rumors and all sorts of stuff for quite some time that the hospitals were denying ivermectin, denying hydroxychloroquine, denying early treatment, denying this, denying that. But we now have a firsthand witness who was ignored and ostracized for requesting that hospitals take steps to not hasten death. Or at least that she not be directly required to do that in a blanket way.”


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75-year-old Utah man and Trump supporter Craig Robertson was shot and killed early Wednesday morning during an FBI raid.

According to reports, Robertson was facing three counts after posting threats to Joe Biden: Interstate threats, threats against the president, and influencing, impeding and retaliating against federal law enforcement officers by threat. Robertson allegedly threatened to kill Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and officials prosecuting Trump in a series of social media posts.

Now new details including video from the incident have emerged which cast doubt on how much of a threat he actually posed.

A vigilant neighbor shot this 23-second clip in the moments leading up to Robertson’s death. The footage shows agents in protective clothing advancing on his door and yelling at him.


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Chairman Mark Green, R-Tenn. Admitted “we have no idea who is entering this country and being released into the U.S. interior.” Green commented that it is “chilling” to think of the 1.4 million migrants who already evaded Border Patrol under Biden before Title 42 ended. The majority of those entering are military-aged MEN who feel entitled to enter America illegally. These are not struggling individuals. American Door Dash drivers were sending food deliveries to the border as over 60,000 migrants lined up around the immediate border area in anticipation of midnight on May 11.


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Excellent post, Jimychanga, I'm so glad Sasha sent me over here. I can't believe I'm not already subbed but I can only blame you. You've been making witty comments on my stack at the expense of plugging your own! You must have flunked Social Media Narcissism 101 ;-)

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All pedophilia at one time in USA was ran out of "Boys Town" in Omaha, Nebraska, home of Munger&Buffet;

So sucessful at grooming orphans for pedophilia and later prostitution, that they even created "Girls Town"

During the Franklin Coverup era, when BUSH-1 caught got bringing 100's of little boys into DC on planes at night for fuck-a-kid partys, they had to burn the entire OP down, which included banks like Franklin, and all of the "Boy's Town", because they had to get all the kids out of their because they started talking, the dozens of kids that did talk, all died swiftly, mostly 'drug overdose'.

Recently at a Buffest-Fest a major high-tech donor asked Buffet publicly why he still hung out with Gates and known Epstein pedophile enabler, and BUFFET had the guy arrested, hog-tied and hauled away; Buffet owns the cops in Omaha, but most interesting he also owns WACO-Texas among other buff-fuck towns in USA; Just so happens that Branch-Davidian kids 100's, were also 'orphans' and part of the same fucking biz, now ask everyone how did these fuckers get so rich, and get everybody to dance to their music? Epstein didn't write the book on pedophile blackmail, ZOG did in early 1900's,

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Excellent piece, very thoughtful words spoken here. Thank you... Ji

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Great post, JC and completely appropriate!

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And, the alternative on pp. 12-13 in the Real Anthony Fauci.

See also clinicaltrials.gov. Winthrop Hospital in Mineola NY. Study. HBOT and 20 "covid" patients on IMV.

They knew that EUA for HBOT had to be squashed in mid 2020.

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